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China merchants introduction
Diversified ways of joining
We offer quality electric vehicles From opening a shop to marketing, manufacturers fully support Franchise conditions are relaxed, the process is simple, no deposit required
The agentFlagship stores, stores and other two modes.
DistributionSales can be made directly from agents/manufacturers.
The agency model is suitable for large, medium and small cities, with specialized business sites.
Distribution model suitable for retail, wholesale, export and so on.
Loose conditions, simple process
No margin is required for flagship stores and franchised stores. Handle the process is simple, save time and worry.
Submit an application
Specialist services
Signed an agreement
The formal operation
Marketing guidance, event planning, advertising and publicity
The company provides dealers with maximum support and assistance
Sales hotline:+86 18702239616
24H service hotline:400-110-9515
Foreign trade contact:Miss Wang

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